High School Youth

If you need more information about the trip, shoot us an email at NYG2016@trinitylutheran.org and we can answer questions for you. If you are going to attend NYG2016 please follow the steps below:
  1. Complete this Youth-Participant-PDF and email the completed electronic form to NYG2016@trinitylutheran.org by Sunday, 9/13/15.
    • Download the attached Youth Participant Worksheet PDF
    • Open the PDF which is a form that can be completed on your computer…. (no hand cramps from writing)
    • Key the requested information into the form
    • Use SaveAs to save the PDF with your name followed by NYG16worksheet  (ie.JohnDoeNYG2016worksheet.pdf)
    • Email the completed PDF form to NYG2016@trinitylutheran.org
    • Trinity trip planners will use the completed form to complete the Gathering Online Registration
  2. Turn in a completed and signed copy of the worksheet along with a deposit check of $150 by Sunday, 9/13/15.
    • Print off the completed form.  Both students and parents need to sign the Youth Participant Worksheet physical form.
    • Write a check to Trinity Lutheran Church for $150 with “NYG2016 Deposit” on the memo line
    • Place the check and form in an envelope and address the envelope to “Youth Registration for NYG2016  Attention: Lena Zieber” and drop it by the church office or give it to Lena or Gary by Sunday, 9/13/15.  You will receive a confirmation email when the registration and check are received by trip planners.
We are looking forward to moving into planning mode as we prepare for the New Orleans Gathering that will start in 324 days!