At Trinity, we value families. We do not wish to replace family member roles. In our school we desire to assist parents in providing the children with a Christian education. We do not desire to take over that responsibility from the parents. In our youth groups, we hope to encourage and strengthen the youth to love and honor as they learn from their parents.

The family is a small picture of the Church. The head of the family stands in the place of God and the members of the family receive all that is needful from that person. So too in the Church we are fed through Christ through His Word as it is proclaimed and given to us so that we receive all that is needful in our spiritual life and oftentimes and in many ways, also in our physical life.

Family is the greatest estate through which God brings love. It is no coincidence that we call God, Father. He has given us the gift of family in order to give us love and nourishment from the moment of our conception. Were it not for sin, the job of parents would perfectly demonstrated the same unyielding love that He pursues us fallen sinners with. But often, the families we have grown up for leave us looking for a better family. God alone is the perfect Father.

In our day and time, it seems there are more broken families than intact families. It seems there are more modern families than there are traditional families. One would hope that Christian family values would make a perfect family. At Trinity, we know there is no such thing as a perfect family, yet our goal is to encourage families to be forgiven families. In doing so, families will be motivated by the Spirit and led by God as He reveals himself through the word to do be his people and do the work he has prepared for us.