Ministry is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the church. The word ministry means service, and comes from the Greek word that we also use when talking about deacon and deaconesses. Service is also the word that describes what God does for us in Worship services. In the Divine Service, He gives us everything we need, life.

He also works through us as we serve one another. We serve one another in our life together through fellowship, acts of mercy, and witnessing. These things take on many shapes and sizes and are often organic. Navigating through our site you will see many of our overt ministries that we have attached titles and structure to. But, the best ministry you will encounter at Trinity comes from the genuine care and relationships that are formed at the foot of the Cross.

Perhaps the most visible ministry at Trinity is our school. Ever since our congregation was formed we have operated a school. This is a huge part of our identity and many of our relationships and much of our care finds its origin in the classrooms and hallways of our school. If you have never been in a Lutheran school or heard what makes it special, contact us for a tour. Even if you aren’t looking for a school, we have a great thing going on here and we are excited to share it with people like you.

If you have any questions about how to get involved in any of these ministries, don’t hesitate to contact us.